From the Nauvoo Temple Endowment Register 1845-46, we learn that on Wednesday, December 24, 1845 in the Nauvoo Illinois Temple, 122 people received their ordinances.† Their names are included below.†† Some direct-line ancestors were there:

Jane and John Telford (Gee and Tidwell lines), and James and Jane Sharp Rawlins (Gee Line).

Read their sonís history, Joseph Sharp Rawlins.

Benjamin Aber, Randolph and Mryza Alexander, Joseph Allen, Milo and Abigail Daley Andrus, Truman Angel, Phebe Morton Angel, Sarah Bedell Barker (wife of Samuel Barker), Stephen and Deborah Barnum Blackman, A Vis Brown, Ebenezer Brown, Eliza Burgess, Milissa Burton, Samuel and Hannah Burton, Daniel and Jane Amanda Spencer Cahoon, Joseph Cain, Luman and Mehetable Russell Calkins, Orlando and Sarah Van Blaracum Carter, Nancy Chapman, John and Mary Parker Chidester, Howard and Martha Knowlton Coray, Jane Houston Collins (wife of C.H. Collins), George and Nancy Coulson, Frances Cubertson, William and Sarah McKee Davis, Hiram and Permelia Bundy Dayton (Hiram), Lysander Dayton, Maria Dayton (later married William Higley), Isaac Decker, Jane Denmon, Joel and Tirzah Winters Drury, James Duncan, Perry Durfee, Prudence Fairchild, Elizabeth Fairchild (later married James Lyman), Augustus Farnham, Joseph and Armilla Fletcher, Elisha and Lucy Simmons Groves, Stephen and Eveline Carter Hales, Benjamin Hall, John and Lucy Clark and Hatfield, Alpheus and Adaline Haws, Lola Ann Haws, Gustavus and Elizabeth Mansfield Hill, Peter and Sarah Mode Hofheinz, Isaac and Theodosia Keyes Houston, Henry and Sylvia Huffman, Eunice Hyde, Heman and Polly Tilton Hyde, Joseph and Elizabeth "Betsy" Knight Johnson, Azra and Lois Knapp Judd, Joseph and Elizabeth Martin Kelting, John and Sally Killian, Sidney and Harriet Barnham Knowlton, John and Sarah Carter Leek, Stephen and Fanny Fairchild Litz, John and Rachel Anderson Loveless, John and Mary Wilcox Lowry, Avis Hill McBride, David and Margaret Bell McCall, John and Katherine Mikesell, Artemus and Almira Okely Millet, Joseph and Elizabeth Bassack Mount, Samuel and Katherine Hisbit Mullimer, William and Mary LaFlesh Munjar (William). Samuel and Sarah Bidell Parker (Samuel), Martin and Mary Thorn Peck, James and Jane Sharp Rawlins, Steven and Sybil Spencer Stevens, John and Molly Marston Sweat, William Taylor, John and Jane Telford, Charles and Catharine Hank Thompson (Charles), Frederick and Lydia Draper Van Leuven, Emily Whitmarsh, Catharine Wilkie, Minerva Wood