Chronology of the Tidwell Family & Historical Events

by Richard Tidwell


1792 March 8 - Birth - Absalom Tidwell in Tennesee or Kentucky.


1803 January 20 - Birth - Elizabeth McBride in Kentucky.


1804 January 13 – Birth of Amy Kirby in Burbage Leicester England.


1805 December 23 – Birth of Prophet Joseph Smith in Sharon Windsor County Vermont.


1817 August 7 — Absalom’s older brother, Roland, was married to Betsy Cox in Randolph County.  License on July 28, 1817).


1820 Spring – Joseph Smith’s first vision to begin restoration of the Church.


1822 October 10 - Marriage of Absalom Tidwell & Elizabeth McBride in Randolph, Washington, Illinois.  License on October 8, 1822).


1825 December 22 - Birth of Ransom Tidwell, son, in St. Clair Co., Illinois.


1826 July 8 - Birth of Thomas Tidwell, son, in St. Clair Co., Illinois.


1827 January 18 – Marriage of Joseph Smith and Emma Hale in South Bainbridge, New York.


1827 June 11 – Death of Peter Tidwell, father of Absalom Tidwell, Warren County, Mississippi.


1828 - Birth of twin boys, Joseph & Hyrum Tidwell, in St. Clair Co., Illinois, and died, as infants.


1830 January 27 – Birth of Martha Tidwell in Randolph Co., Illinois.


1830 March – First Printing of the Book of Mormon translated from the Golden Plates received from the Angel Moroni.


1830 April 6 – Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint, Fayette, New York.


1831 March 27 - Birth of Peter Tidwell, son, in Randolph Co., Illinois.


1832 July 4 – Birth of Samuel Washington Orme in Mentor, Lake,Ohio.


1833 - Baptism of Absalom Tidwell & Elizabeth McBride Tidwell probably in Randolph, Randolph, Illinois.


1833 April 18 - Birth of Absalom Tidwell, son, in Randolph Co., Illinois, who died as infant.


1834 Spring - Tidwell family moves to Missouri, settling in counties of Jackson, Clay, and Caldwell.


1835 January 1 - Birth of William Tidwell, son, in Caldwell Co., Missouri.


1837 June - Baptism of Thomas Tidwell in the Crooked River, Caldwell Co., Missouri, by Absalom Free.


1837 December 14 - Birth of Sarah Jane Tidwell, daughter, in Caldwell Co., Missouri.


1838 October 25 - Battle of Crooked River, Caldwell Co., Missouri.


1838 October 27 – Mormon Extermination Order of Governor Boggs of Missouri.


1838 October 30 – Haun’s Mill Massacre, Caldwell Co., Missouri.


1838 October 31 – Arrest of Joseph Smith and other Church leaders at Far West, Missouri.


1838 December 1 – 1839 April 6 - Prophet Joseph Smith and other Church leaders imprisoned in Liberty Jail, Clay Co., Missouri.


1839 – 1840 Saints driven from Missouri and take refuge in Quincy area, Illinois.


1839 January 29 - Absalom Tidwell signed a document, along with other Mormon families, which said they would be leaving Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri, and that they would work together to dispose of their property fairly.


1839 May 11 - Absalom Tidwell presented a claim to the State of Missouri for loss of property estimated at $900; Recorded Jan 6, 1840 in Quincy, Illinois.


1840 – Absalom moved across the State of Missouri east to Quincy area, Illinois.


1840 – Death of Patsey / Martha Tidwell, mother of Absalom Tidwell in Jackson, Arkansas.


1840 January 20 - Birth of Elizabeth Jane Tidwell, daughter, in Jackson Co., Missouri.


1840 – Elizabeth and the rest of the family moves to Quincy area, Illinois.


1840 October - Nauvoo Temple began to be built.


1840 October 23 - Lima Branch, created in Adams Co., Illinois, including members from   Morley’s Settlement (Yelrom), Green Plains, and Bear Creek.


1841 - Tidwell family listed as members of the Lima Branch.


1841 - Baptism of Peter Tidwell .


1841 May 17 - Birth of Mary Ann Tidwell, daughter in Andrew, Sangamon, Illinois.


1842 March 17 - Organization of R.S. in Nauvoo.


1843 June – Morley Town (Yelrome, Morley’s Settlement) officially surveyed.


1844 - Marriage of Ransom Tidwell to Mary or Polly Henderson in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.


1844 June 27 - Martyrdom of Prophet Joseph Smith and is brother Hyrum Smith in Carthage Jail, Carthage, Hancock, Illinois.


1845 April 9 - Birth of twin boys, Absalom Trautham Tidwell and David Absalom Tidwell.


1845 September 17 - Mobs burn Tidwell house and property in Green Plains, Illinois.  Absalom    injured yoking a team of wild oxen preparing the family to flee to Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.


1845 October - Death of Absalom Tidwell in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.


1846 January 22 - Endowment of Elizabeth McBride Tidwell in Nauvoo Temple.


1846 January & February - Many Saints received their endowments in the Nauvoo Temple prior to their departure from Nauvoo.


1846 February 6 - Endowment of Ransom Tidwell & Thomas Tidwell, in Nauvoo Temple.


1846 February - Thomas Tidwell crosses the Mississippi River on the ice to flee to Mt. Pisgah, Iowa, with the first group of Saints to leave Nauvoo.


1846 April 30 - Dedication of the completed Nauvoo Temple.


1846 May 5 - Marriage of Martha Tidwell to Norman Abbott in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois.


1847 October 7 - Marriage of Thomas Tidwell (1st marriage) - to Elizabeth Jane Henderson in Stringtown, Van Buren, Iowa.


1848 March 15 – Baptism of Samuel Washington Orme in England at the age of 15.


1850 September 30 - Elizabeth McBride Tidwell listed in Iowa Census.


1852 March 28 - Marriage of Peter Tidwell to Sophronia Alvira Hatch in Pleasant Grove, Pottawattamie, Iowa.


1852 June 19 - Peter Tidwell & Sophronia (Hatch) Tidwell travel with the Isaac M. Stewart Company to Utah arriving August 28 - September 22, 1852.  Sophronia’s parents, Josephus Hatch and Melinda (Durfee) Hatch also travel in this Company.


1856 May 25 – Samuel Washington Orme, his mother, and his sisters left Liverpool, England, for America.


1856 June 16 - Marriage of William Tidwell to Martha Murphy in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa.


1856 November 20 - Marriage of Elizabeth Jane Tidwell to George Stephen Williams in Council   Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa.


1856 November 30 - Arrival of Martin Handcart Co to S.L.C.


1858 January 14 - Marriage of Mary Ann Tidwell to Orrin Derby Williams in Seneca, Nemaha, Kansas.


1858 March 4 - Endowment of Peter Tidwell in the Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Utah.


1858 July 7 - Death of Elizabeth Jane (Tidwell) Williams, daughter.


1858  March 4- Peter Tidwell sealed in S.L. Endowment House to Spouse.


1858 November - Death of Absalom Trautham Tidwell.


1859 - Death of David Absalom Tidwell.


1862 December 18 - Marriage of Sarah Jane Tidwell to George Stephen Williams in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, Iowa.


1869, Thomas returns to Utah with his mother Elizabeth McBride Tidwell.


1869, Thomas Tidwell was called to fill a mission and did missionary work in Senaca, Nemaha     County, Kansas, where his mother Elizabeth was living.  He returned to Utah with his mother Elizabeth McBride Tidwell, a widowed sister, Mary Ann Tidwell Williams and her three children; another sister, Sarah Jane Tidwell Williams and her husband George Stephen Williams, and their three small children.  Thomas Tidwell and this group of relatives rode from Kansas to Ogden, Utah, on the new Union Pacific Railroad, which had just been completed that year, as far as Ogden, Utah, returning to Chicken Creek, Utah, where he was living before his mission.  Later they settled in San Pete County.  Thomas’s mother, a woman of 66 years of age at that time, was to meet many new grandchildren, and the grandchildren were happy to know this lovable grandmother.  Grandmother Tidwell had brought maple sugar to Utah from Kansas.  She would get several pieces of maple sugar from the supplies; the grandchildren would gather about her and she would ask them to sing, dance and play games.  As each child performed their little act, she would give them a lump of sugar, which was a great treat that the children enjoyed and always remembered. (Thomas Tidwell, Elizabeth Jane Henderson Tidwell, and related families, p. 18, 26, 48)


Before 1880 August - Death of Ransom Tidwell.


1888 - Trips to the Manti Temple to do work for deceased ancestors.


1888 November 21 - Endowment Mary Ann (Tidwell) Williams.


1888 November 29 - Sealing of Elizabeth McBride Tidwell to deceased husband, Absalom Tidwell, in Manti Temple. Sarah Jane (Tidwell) Williams received her own endowment on this same day.


1888 November 30 - Sealing of deceased children of Absalom & Elizabeth McBride Tidwell sealed to their parents in Manti Temple (Ransom, Joseph, Hyrum, Absalom, Elizabeth Jane, Absalom Trautham).  Sarah Jane (Tidwell) Williams & Mary Ann (Tidwell) Williams, who were still alive, was also sealed that day to her parents.


1893 April 6-24 - SL Temple Dedicated by President Wilford Woodruff.


1894 November 19 - Death of Elizabeth McBride Tidwell in Salina, Sevier, Utah.


1907 January 8 - Death of William Tidwell.


1909 March 23 - Death of Peter Tidwell in Smithfield, Cache, Utah.


1912 June 17 - Death of Thomas Tidwell in American Fork, Utah, Utah.


1919 May 24 - Death of Sophronia Hatch Tidwell in Preston, Idaho.


1920 April 15 - Death of Mary Ann (Tidwell) Williams in Beaver, Beaver, Utah.


1922 July 10 - Death of Martha (Tidwell) Abbott.


1926 June 10 - Death Sarah Jane (Tidwell) Henderson in Salina, Sevier, Utah.