Family history study is fascinating.† For example, our daughter, Kristi, is related to her husband, Dan Rose.† Also Allen and Loni are related to Mike Packer, Phil Packer, and Ruth Ann Rose.
























Elvira Tidwell

Samuel Adam Merrill

(Ruth Annís great grandparents)

Royal Tidwell

Jane Nelson

(Allenís great



Dora Merrill

Clyde Packer



Allen Hackworth

Loni Gee


Kristi D Hackworth


Preston Merrill Packer



Ruth Ann Packer

Mike Rose



Dan Rose

Orrin Jackson Merrill


(Loniís great grandfather)


Alden M Packer



Mike Packer

Phil Packer



1. Loni is related to Mike, Phil, and Ruth Ann on the Merrill side.† Allen is related on the Tidwell side. Ruth Ann is Loniís third cousin on the Merrill side and Allenís third cousin on the Tidwell side.

2. Dan and Kristi are related through both the Merrill and Tidwell lines.

3. Ruth Annís grandmother and Allenís grandfather were first cousins.† Loniís grandfather and Ruth Annís grandmother were first cousins.


second cousin row

third cousin row

first cousin row