Tidwell Time Line


Our heritage is rich and worthy of study, yet it is sometimes difficult to keep

 the various families sorted out.  This time line will help.  One should also

spend time studying the pedigree charts to understand family relationships.


1792 — Absalom Tidwell born in Tennessee

           (father of Peter Tidwell)


1795 — Jane Telford born in Ireland (Evaleo Brighton’s

           great grandmother)


1802 — John Telford born in Ireland (Evaleo Brighton’s great



1818 — Robert Nelson born in Ireland, father of Jane Nelson.

           Jane married Royal Tidwell, son of Peter Tidwell.


           Elizabeth Joseph born in Ireland, mother of Jane Nelson


1825 — John Telford and Jane Telford (cousins), both Irish,

           were married in Scotland.


1828 — Catherine (Catie) Bow born in Scotland (Evaleo Brighton’s



1829 — William (Willie) Stuart Brighton born in Scotland

           (Evaleo Brighton’s grandfather)


1830 — John McCarthy Jr. born in Ireland (Grandfather of

           Evaleo Brighton)


1831 — Peter Tidwell born in Randolph County, Illinois

           (father of Royal Tidwell)


1834 — Sophronia Alvira Hatch born in Vermont

           (mother of Royal Tidwell)


1835 — Eliza Victoria Telford born in Canada

           (Grandmother of Evaleo Brighton)


1842 — Robert Nelson and Elizabeth Joseph married in Ireland


           Sophronia Hatch’s parents joined the Church and moved

           to Nauvoo


1844 — William Stuart Brighton (Grandfather of Evaleo

           Brighton Tidwell) joined the church in Scotland.


1845 — Robert Nelson joined the church in Ireland


           Absalom Tidwell died in Nauvoo, Illinois.


1846 — Sophronia Hatch and parents start west.


1850 — Robert Nelson and Elizabeth Joseph sailed on the

           ship North Atlantic from Scotland to America.


           William Stuart Brighton and Catherine Bow married

           in Scotland.


1851 — John and Jane Telford and family crossed the plains.


1852 — Robert Nelson and family crossed the plains.


           Sophronia Hatch married Peter Tidwell at Pleasant

           Grove, Iowa, March 28.


1853 — Peter Tidwell and pregnant Sophronia Hatch

           started for Utah in May.


           Royal Edwin Tidwell born in Ogden in August, first

           child of Peter Tidwell and Sophronia Hatch.


1854 — William Stuart Brighton, Catherine Bow, and family

           sailed to American on the ship Clara Wheeler.


1855 — John McCarthy set sail on the ship, Julie Ann, from

           Australia on September 7.


           The Julie Ann struck a coral reef on October 4.


1856 — John McCarthy arrived in San Francisco on April 14.


1857 — The William Stuart Brighton family crossed the plains

           with the Israel Evans Handcart Company.


           John McCarthy Jr. married Eliza Victoria Telford


1860 — The Robert Nelson family moved to Smithfield and

           occupied a cabin in the fort.


1862 — Jane Margaret Nelson born at the Smithfield Fort


1864 — Daniel  (Dan) Hanmer Wells Brighton born in Salt Lake City

           (father of Evaleo Brighton)


           Peter Tidwell and Sophronia Hatch moved to Smithfield.


           Evaleo Siccolo McCarthy born in Richmond, Utah.


1878 — Royal Tidwell and Jane Nelson married.


1879 — Royal and Jane’s first child, Elizabeth, was born.


1886 — Evaleo Siccolo McCarthy and Daniel Brighton

           married in Salt Lake City.


1889 — Frank Tidwell born.


1891 — Evaleo Brighton born.  She was half Irish

           (mother’s side), half Scottish (father’s side).


           Evaleo Siccolo McCarthy Brighton died 13 days

           after giving birth to Evaleo Brighton.


1896 — John Telford died.


           Jane Telford died.


1897 — Frank Tidwell was baptized.


1898 — John McCarthy Jr. died in Smithfield.


1902 — Robert Nelson died in Smithfield, Utah

           (father of Jane Tidwell).


           Elizabeth Joseph died in Smithfield, Utah

           (wife of Robert Nelson).


1909 — Frank Tidwell ordained an elder


           Peter Tidwell died in Smithfield


1910 — Frank Tidwell and Evaleo Brighton married in Logan.


1911 — Alton Tidwell born


           Frank Tidwell purchased a farm at Blue Creek.


1913 — Ruby Tidwell born


           Frank Tidwell sold the farm at Blue Creek.


1915 — Eliza Victoria Telford McCarthy died.

           (Evaleo Brighton’s grandmother)


           Dorothy Elizabeth South born in Argyle,

           Rich County, Utah


1918 — Thelma Tidwell born.


           Frank Tidwell traded his home for a dry farm

           in Arimo, Idaho and moved there in the summer

           of that year.


1919 — Sophronia Hatch Tidwell died in Preston, Idaho.


1922 — Frank Tidwell called as stake missionary while in Arimo.


1923 — Frank Tidwell released as stake missionary


1924 — Frank sold the farm in Arimo and moved back

           to Smithfield to 91 East 3rd North into a home that

           I believe Royal Tidwell built and lived in.


           Frank and Roy Tidwell rented their father’s

           farm (Royal Tidwell).


1925 — Frank Tidwell called to the Eastern States Mission


1927 — Frank Tidwell released from his mission.


           Frank Tidwell called to teach Sunday school.


1929 — Barbara Tidwell Brown born.


           Frank Tidwell started selling insurance for Met Life.


1931 — Eunice Tidwell Merrill born.


1932 — Around this date, Royal Tidwell contracted cancer


1934 — Royal Tidwell died at age 80.


1935 — Thelma Tidwell and Joe Jacobson married.


           Frank Tidwell discontinued selling insurance for MET Life.


           Alton Tidwell married Iris Nielson.


1937 — Ruby Tidwell and Wayne Johnson married.


1938 — Frank Tidwell called to be the high priest   group leader.


           Alton Tidwell divorced Iris Nielson.


           Alton Tidwell and Dorothy South married.


1939 — Shirlene Tidwell born at American Fork, Utah.


1940 — Allen Tidwell born at American Fork, Utah .


1941 — Alton Tidwell divorced Dorothy South.


1942 — Frank Alton Tidwell married Dorothy Newton


1943 — Frank Tidwell called to be a member of the

           high council.


           Dan Brighton died.


1946 — Frank Tidwell called as bishop for the Smithfield 4th Ward.


           Frank Tidwell sold his farm to Dale Nilson.


           Around this time the Frank Tidwell family moved

           to the home at 203 North Main.


           Jane Tidwell lived across the street to the south. 

           Jane’s home is now gone.


1948 — Frank Tidwell started selling insurance for the

           American National Insurance Company as well as being

           a salesman for the J. R. Watkins Company.


           Cancellation of sealing for Dorothy South and Alton Tidwell.


1950 — Barbara Tidwell and Gordell Brown married.


1951 — Eunice Tidwell and Monte Merrill married


1952 — Frank Tidwell was released as bishop.


1956 — Jane Margaret Nelson Tidwell died


1961 — Shirlene Tidwell Hackworth died (car wreck)


1964 — Robert Allen Tidwell Hackworth married Loni Gee

           in Salt Lake City


1975 — Frank Tidwell died


1979 — Ruby Tidwell Johnson died


1984 — Evaleo Brighton Tidwell died