This page provides links to videos which were created using Windows Movie Maker.  Additionally, an easy-to-follow video for making YOUR OWN MOVIES can be found at this location: Creating Your Own Movies


For each video listed below, click on the link, then select “Save.”  Browse to the folder location where you want to save this file, but I recommend saving to your desktop.  This automatically creates an icon on your desktop after the file has been saved.  Once the file has been saved, if it has been saved to your desktop, double click on the icon (file name). If you have saved to another location, navigate to that location on your computer, and click on the file name.  Your Windows Movie Player will load automatically and play the video.  All of the videos are in the .wmv format.  Later, at your will, delete the video from your computer.



                                                    Be Like the King

                                                    Bet on the Blue

                                                    Doctor Bridger


                                                    Garn Huntington

                                                    Gold Galore

                                                    Grand Canyon

                                                    Home Exchange

                                                    Home Histories

                                                    Hubert Hackworth

                                                    Ice Cream

                                                    Identity Crisis

                                                    Oh, Dem Eggs

                                                    Sayre’s Day

                                                    Viva Las Vegas

                                                    White Pockets